Featured work

Between content creation for OceanCity.com and ShoreCraftBeer.com, blogging for fun, freelancing and being an occasional Twitter troll I keep pretty busy. This digital portfolio is kind of a portal to what I do in the various areas in which I do it. It's replacing my unfortunately-named Ossurynot.com personal website, click here if you want to know why.

Also, I'm pretty proud of my photos and reviews as a Google Local Guide. My photo views topped 2 million in March of 2017. I try and take photos of places people tend to miss because I go on back road adventures. I'm also a Google Trusted Photographer, which means I can take 360 photos and apply them directly to Google Maps. It gives me an incredibly unrealistic satisfaction, and has the bonus of being an absolute blast.

Selected Clips

Although all my most recent work can be found on my Medium page, this is a link to features I'm particularly proud of or that demonstrate a genre or style that I've written in professionally. 


I was an early adopter of, and remain a podcast enthusiast. I produce three weekly podcasts. One on writing, one on beer and one on Delmarva life and culture.