Blog setup and training

Blogging about your expertise on your company website is one of the most effective ways to earn online credibility. Unfortunately, blogging can be a little on the grind-y side if you don't approach it correctly. Decades of story planning have prepared us to help you make a story structure that can make blogging easier for you. We also can format, edit and share each of your posts. 


For some companies, it is just more efficient to have someone else do the blogs, writing to spec across a range of topics and descriptions. That is one of the things we do best. Working from an editorial calendar, we interview you and your staff as appropriate to help develop a social presence and the industry authority that comes with it. Moreover, you get to  tell the story of your company every week. 


Harnessing Search Engine power

Did you know you can affect which photos show up on your Google listing? How about the description, hours and location. We can train or assist small businesses to use the Google My Business interface, along with YouTube to put the best face on your business for people finding you by accident or the first time. 

Keeping your site fresh

Making certain that your website has up-to-date content and photos is critical. Whether you are ready to take your site to the next level, or need one done from scratch, we do the leg and brain work to make it look its best. Regular content reviews prevent the words, photos and videos on your site from looking stale or dated.